Are you over 55 looking for retirement living in Milton that will allow you to start living a more healthy and pleasant lifestyle?

South Coast Living could be the perfect choice for you. Whether you are looking to buy an investment retirement property or searching for the right community, we’ll guide you through the best choice for your future and walk you through it.

Let South Coast Living Join You On A Journey And Find Your Dream Home


Why should you choose South Coast Living NSW?

You will be in excellent and caring hands.

South Coast Living is one of the trusted providers for retirement village housing that encourages a healthier lifestyle within a safe and secure environment.

We are knowledgeable and capable of assisting and helping retirees secure their well earned nest egg.

Let us know how we can give you the ultimate customer satisfaction, and we will gladly listen to your requests.

We have always been a loyal companion and a caring service provider that will ensure you will get the best out of your retirement living Milton experience.

South Coast Living
South Coast Living
South Coast Living

Value for money.

With South Coast Living, quality living is more attainable than ever. Retirement living Milton seniors looking for socialisation with their peers, longing for safe and entertaining recreational activities, can experience all of these within our well-structured community.

We know how hard you have worked in your life and it will always be our life mission to give you only the premier experience you deserve.

Your new lifestyle in a safe place.

Aside from peaceful spaces guaranteed by our retirement villages, we would also want your stay in Over 55s retirement living Milton, far from boredom and loneliness.

With your needs in mind, our resort living for over 55’s residents aims to give you specified activities using our top-grade facilities and amenities that have your safety and enjoyment as the utmost priority.

Guaranteed around-the-clock supervision from our care providers is our promise, and we are just a call away in case of an emergency.

You will have the liberty to choose where to spend your retirement.

You’ll also find Over 55’s retirement villages in strategic locations other than Milton. If you are looking for a place not far from the hustle of Sydney, you might want to consider Over 55’s living Nowra NSW. Are you a fishing enthusiast? Try checking out Sussex Inlet Over 55’s retirement village. If you would like a village near the beach yet close to the city, maybe in the Central Village, Over 55’s lifestyle community in Mayfield NSW, would be suitable for you.

And the good news? We are proud to say that we now have Over 55’s villages in Canberra. South Coast Living have decided to make our service area more available for everyone to cater to more customers inland. Our hearts will always go out and provide support for self funded retirees in Canberra. South Coast Living understand that our potential customers would also like us to have Over 55’s and retirement living in Canberra made more accessible and in proximity to the rest of the South Coast.